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                JUNE 2019 TOP 5 Engagement

                Our June highlights feature a unique lineup in bath technologies, robots, sports manga, countermeasures for fake products and partnership with a startup!

                Protect Marine Life with Corporate Cafeterias - Sustainable Seafood Initiatives

                In just the last 50 years, the world's population roughly doubled. However, seafood consumption increased 5-fold, far outpacing the catches fishermen pull from the sea. The gap between supply and demand is made up with aquaculture. Given the situation and wanting to help "conserve and sustainably u...

                Panasonic Facial Recognition Technology Improves Fan Safety at Danish Football Stadium

                Brondby, Denmark - Panasonic Corporation announced that the Danish Superliga football club Brondby IF's stadium is the first in Denmark to utilize facial recognition technology, provided by Panasonic, to ensure a safer stadium experience and alleviate the strain place...